Chartered Marketer Designation Approved

Last week I received the news that I have been approved as a Chartered Marketer with the Canadian Marketing Association. I am honoured by this achievement, as it is meaningful to me on a number of levels.

A Chartered Professional is a person who has gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work. Similar to chartered marketing accreditations in the U.K. and those in other industries (such as accounting or human resources), the title is controlled term given only to those who meet certain requirements managed by the CMA.

Seeking to add credibility to the marketing discipline, this is the first time Canadian marketers will have the opportunity to work within a professional Charter that has articulated clear ethics and responsibilities. Chartered Marketers who carry this prestigious designation must continually meet ongoing prerequisites for maintaining one’s right to use the designation.

It is this commitment to raising credibility of Marketers through ongoing commitment to learning and working ethically to a world-class standard that makes me most excited about this designation. Thank you to the Canadian Marketing Association’s Board of Directors for bestowing this honour upon me. I’m excited to be in the first cohort of this important program.

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